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buhl-paperform is one of the leading manufacturers in the market for packaging solutions made of recovered paper. Our qualified team with currently 75 employees represents one of the foundations of the success of our company.

  • Mann sitzt im Büro mit Faserguss Teilen bei Buhl Paperform
  • Produktionsanlage Fasergussteile
  • Frauen im Büro bei Buhl Paperform
  • Frau sitzt vor Desktop bei Buhl Paperform
  • Mann bedient eine Produktionsanlage für Fasergussverpackung

We are looking for reinforcement - get started with buhl-paperform


As from 2020 we are providing the following apprenticeships:

  • industrial business management assistant (male/female)
  • machine and equipment operator (male/female)


Join us – in a profession with a future

As a recognised IHK (Germany Chamber of Industry and Commerce) vocational training company, buhl-paperform places great importance on sound, practical and of course also successful training with excellent perspectives. The prerequisites for this are commitment, dynamism and the desire for knowledge. A modern and safe workplace is waiting for you. You will be challenged and developed using qualified basic and advanced training courses. You participate directly in the success of the company at buhl-paperform. Become part of a young, dynamic team in a sustainable and growing sector. We look forward to shaping the future of buhl-paperform jointly with you.
Send your complete application to us by E-Mail.



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