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20 years of buhl-paperform - a new market presence

buhl-paperform has a new logo and image. We want to make our positive company develop visible with this new design. In the last years buhl became one of the leading manufacturers of customer-specific and ecologically sound packaging solutions based on molded fiber products. The company was established in 1996 as a business unit of Heinrich Buhl GmbH and became independent in 2014. Nowadays it has 70 employees and it is a successful medium-sized family-owned company.

After 20 years of company history and successful realized projects with international well-known companies we want to promise that:

We know how important yours products are. So we want to make sure, that your customers and business partners get them in a perfect condition. In a protected, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. Our packaging solutions provide you that. They adapt and protect your product, now matter how big, complex, heavy or sensitive it is. Our molded fiber products are efficient, because they reduce the transport and storage volume and they can be produced cost-efficiency. Produced from renewable raw materials (up to 100% waste paper), molded fiber products are sustainable and recyclable in the whole world. There are many types of packaging, but none of them combines so many advantages as molded fiber products made by buhl-paperform. Trust the real quality leader according to our new slogan: Formed to protect!

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