buhl-paperform is included in the "TOP 100"

For the 23rd time the "TOP 100" of the most innovative medium sized companies in Germany were awarded on 24th June in Essen. buhl-paperform was one of them.

Before buhl participated the scientific selection process. The selection researched and evaluated parameters of the companies innovation management and innovation success.

The "TOP 100" companies are the pacemakers in their industry. This was proofed by the numbers of analysis: 97 of the companies are national market leader, one of those is buhl-paperform, and 32 are world market leader.

The mentor of "TOP 100", the science journalist and TV-host Ranga Yogeshwar, was impressed by the quality of the companies: "The manner, how the "TOP 100" companies creating new ideas and developing products out of it, is literally remarkable. This innovation culture will be more and more important for the future."

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