buhl-paperform supports JSG Hellertal with new football track suits and shirts

Last year we sponsored football track suits for the C1 youth. The herewith successfully started cooperation with the JSG Hellertal will continue.

During the last season we were in constant touch. Now and then we shouted encouragement to the boys as spectator from the sideline of the football field. We congratulated to winning the championship.

Both trainers, Henning Plaum and Olaf Häusig, were invited to the 20th anniversary celebrations. The football team could take revenge in building up and attending a goal wall for the visitors during the same event a whole Saturday long.

Nevertheless, it was nice to see that both trainers were surprised as Christoph Buhl spontaneously promised to sponsor the for this year planned purchase of one set football shirts and track suits.

We wish the team and both trainers good luck for the current saison.

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