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Deepening cooperation with the Gemeinschaftliche Sekundarschule Burbach-Neunkirchen

We closely work together with the Gemeinschaftliche Sekundarschule Burbach-Neunkirchen, location Burbach, for some time now. The main topic is to give the students an early glimpse into working life and to hopefully easing the decision of where the professional career could take them to.

We, for example, offer traineeships to get some insight how the apprenticeships industrial business management assistant male/female and machine and equipment operator male/female look like. A first important step for students to gain information on the spot.

The school, as idea provider, in cooperation with different local companies has specified the key points in a cooperation agreement. This agreement was jointly ratified in November. In this agreement we also committed ourselves for example to attend the job fair "Jobs4You" in the school. We also offer non-binding application trainings.

We hope to make a contribution towards the students to bring the apprenticeships a bit closer to them but also to show that it is worth staying in the region and as Mr. Ewers, mayor of Burbach, says: "We want to carry on to be a lively and manifold municipality . This will only work when young people stay here and the companies can resort to qualified labor. It is a win-win-situation for everybody." End of quote.

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