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Fascination paper

Pupils of the class 4w from the primary school in Wahlbach visited our company. This excursion was part of a unit with the subject paper which stands in connection with the project "Lebenswerte Dörfer" (livable towns) organized by the borough of Burbach.

The excursion included a works tour. How does buhl-paperform produces molded fiber parts from recovered paper? The pupils were highly interested in the single processing steps and asked many professional questions at the individual stations during the works tour.

Paper making was a further station. In the end molded fiber is also made of papier mâché. The kids could get a feeling of that making paper on their own.

The third station of the excursion was a drop test. Every pupil had to wrap a kinder egg safte into various molded fiber parts to subsequently undertake the kinder egg a drop test. Why some eggs did not survive the drop test, this had to be analyzed afterwards.

It was great fun supporting the primary school Wahlbach in the unit paper with this excursion.

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