Fire exercise June 2017

On Thursday June 1st, 2017 the voluntary fire department Burbach reportet at the company site of buhl-paperform GmbH in Carl-Benz-Street 10-12, Burbach, for a training exercise.

After a first evaluation of the circumstances the following tasks had to be solved:


2 persons became unconscious during a fault tracing of the submersible pump in the water pit (warehouse area) and must be rescued.


Exhaustion of pit and 2 persons were rescued.



A person was injured in the pulper during maintenance works and has to be rescued.


The fire brigade was instructed how to enter the pulper in order to help the person.

It was a conscious decision to choose these two tasks being not everyday tasks. To extinguish a fire surely is a challenge again and again for the voluntary firemen, but happens more often as such situations. However these were no made up situations, they can definitely occur. It is good to be prepared.

Good to know the firemen can handle every situation. That gives us a good feeling for the emergency case.

Thanks to the voluntary fire department Burbach having carried out this training exercise at our premises.

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