IHK Siegen event on June 21st, 2017

One still feels full of energy being in the middle of the working live and still ... what if one must pass on the management, maybe quicker than thought. Wouldn't it be better to do so step by step, concerned with thought?


The event was addressed to owners, managing directors and deciders of companies.


Ernst Buhl, former managing director of Heinrich Buhl GmbH in Neunkirchen, set up his company in two divisions. In 2014 he passed on responsibly one division to each of his both sons.  The divisions were transformed into independent companies and today act autonomously and with success.


IHK Siegen invited Christoph Buhl, managing director of the present buhl-paperform GmbH in Burbach, to report about his experiences of the company takeover. Further guests did so too.


All together about 60 persons followed the lectures with interest. Apart from practical experiences the participants also obtained information and helpful tips how to finance a take over or a company sale.


An important topic. Thanks to the IHK Siegen for picking up this issue and creating an evening with helpful aspects.

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