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Molded fiber packaging - Formed to protect!

buhl-paperform is one of the leading manufacturers of customer-specific and ecologically sound molded fiber packaging solutions made of recovered paper. The direction to technology leadership was specified with the installation of the first FineTec production plant in Germany as early as the founding in 1996. This landmark decision is continuously pursued and is also reflected in the regular further training and qualification of our motivated employees.

Packaging solutions made of the recovered paper material

Distributed on two high capacity production sites in Burbach/Siegerland, the company has a production area today of around 5,000 m². With currently nine production lines and three finishing lines, we are one of the trend-setting and recognised companies in the area of constructive packaging solutions from molded fiber made of the recovered paper material. Both production sites provide our customers with a high level of supply reliability and flexibility.

Benefit from our consulting concept

Interested parties and customers of buhl-paperform benefit from a comprehensive consulting concept, starting from the joint qualified recording of the requirement and its implementation in the design phase until the support for the individually adapted logistics.


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