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GlassPac with Vermiculite as absorbent material - the patented protective packaging +liqui is suitable for transporting liquid hazardous goods.

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The patented solution for liquid hazardous goods

An absorbent cushion developed for the transport of liquid hazardous goods in accordance with the regulations for the shipping of hazardous goods. The patented solution has been developed in cooperation with a shipper of laboratory chemicals and combines ecological molded fiber product with the industry standard absorbent Vermiculite. In the event of damage, the cushion absorbs the escaping liquid.

Formed to protect!

Additional function

  • Absorbent Vermiculite is contained in the cushion
  • Defined quantity of absorbent, therefore no undefined bulk quantities and possibility of errors when adding the desired quantity of absorbent cloths or absorbent cushions
  • Vermiculite is bound in the molded fiber product – the usual soiling when using poured Vermiculite is greatly reduced
  • No stocking of absorbents necessary as these are already contained in the cushions
  • Cushions can be disposed of via wastepaper recycling provided no liquids have been absorbed
  • Patented combination of molded fiber products and Vermiculite


  • Cushions have been approved in several UN Hazardous Goods classes
  • The molded fiber products can be stacked inside each other to save space – small storage and freight volume
  • The cushions have been developed for manual and completely automated packing
  • Manufactured from up to 100% recovered paper, the molded fiber products can be completely recycled
  • Cushions provide the possibility to pack different bottle types and screw caps as a set
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