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No other packaging has so many benefits

Molded fiber products from buhl-paperform are made of the same material as the well-known egg cartons and are the perfect alternative to mineral oil based materials or complex foldable cutouts. Irrespective of which product should be packaged and protected, packaging made of molded fiber products is developed with exact fitting, economically and is extremely robust.

  • Faserformteil auf Trockenstra

Packaging made of molded fiber products from up to 100 % recovered paper provides many positive and beneficial characteristics:

  • product protection
  • volume reduction
  • shock absorbing 
  • robust 


Molded fiber products can be nested in each other and are therefore space-saving in comparison with a folded carton solution. They minimise handling times and costs. Our packaging made of molded fiber products is tough, absorbs repeated impacts without breaking and protects thanks to the three dimensional adaptation to the product contour of large, stable or also small, fragile goods. Molded fiber products are ideally suitable for the packaging of product sets, can be used in automated packaging processes and are also suitable as returnable packaging and for the packing of hazardous materials. Last but not least, molded fiber products are manufactured from recovered paper, are compostable and can be disposed of worldwide without special additional charges.


Optional characteristics of molded fiber products

  • flame-retardant
  • grease-repellent
  • water-repellent
  • easy use in sea freight


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