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A protection packaging developed for the transport of glass bottles

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Many of these packaging solutions can be approved by the UN and can be used for the shipment of hazardous goods. The molded fiber product is manufactured from up to 100% recovered paper.


It goes without saying that we also develop individual solutions for special requirements.

Additional function

The good absorbency of the molded fiber product can be increased using Vermiculite. In the event of damage, the molded fiber product is able to absorb liquid. Versions are available for various bottle types and screw caps.


    • cushions have been approved in several UN Hazardous Goods classes
    • cushions have been developed for manual and completely automated packing
    • nestable molded fiber products save space - smaller storage and freight volumes
    • easy and environmentally friendly disposal using waste paper recycling



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    made from up to 100 % recovered paper

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