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Manufactured from up to 100 % recovered paper, the molded fiber products SafePac-STRONG can be completely recycled

  • Pac-STRONG

These molded fiber products are universally usable protection packaging made of  up to 100% recovered paper that is characterised by a patented damping mechanism and thus high elasticity. The damping elements of SafePac-STRONG intercept pressure and impacts and thus prevent damage to the product. It goes without saying that we also develop individual solutions for special requirements.

Damping mechanism

The drawing shows how the load is absorbed by the special design of the pyramid-shaped humps. A spring effect is produced that enables the humps to return to their original shape after removal of the load.

  • Damping mechanism
  • Damping mechanism


  • easy handling
  • easy to tear and cut (resulting in maximum flexibility)
  • space saving from nestability
  • environmentally friendly and easy disposal
  • manufactured from 100 % recovered paper
  • patented spring effect and best possible impact absorption

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Your contact person for SafePac

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